E-Z Fit® Treeless Saddles

E-Z Fit® Treeless Saddles Rigging options;

The Innovation of Symmetry in Motion

Rigging Style

To have an E-Z Fit® Treeless Saddle made just for you, choose from the following options;

The EZ Fit Saddle® comes with a full 2 year warranty including components.

Member of Saddle and Harness, and Allied Trades.

Choose from;

English Buckle style

Western Girth style.

English Style Rigging

Western Style Rigging

Low Bulk, Close Contact, Center Fire Rigging; favored the world over 

for saddle security and comfort.

A brand new way to ride...
* Custom made Leather Treeless Saddle

* Non Slip breathable underside with built in spine clearance

* High density foam pommel adjusts to and moves with your horse yet rigid enough to mount from the ground.

* Adjustable seat, stirrup and rigging positioning

* Western or English Center Fire Rigging with your choice of leathers and colors.

* Weighs only 15lbs approx.

* Non slip stable saddle, you can mount from the ground!


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E-Z Fit® Saddle;

Combining over 30 years of experience in leather and saddle making.